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"this is the Emfada Express line... online bringing Art direct to you"

'Emfada Express' is an Art and Design service and online Art Gallery Store. (Based in the UK & Ireland)

Emfada Express create original paintings and prints to the
interior requirements of :
Hotels, Restaurants, Bars,
Healthclubs, Office/Workplace, Home..

adding atmosphere to any room or space.


Original art creates an environment that will stimulate
and inspire your employees and impress your clients.

You can browse our online Art Gallery then buy existing art
direct from our online Art Store of featured Original Paintings
and Limited Edition Signed Prints or specially commission a
brand new piece of original art or an entire collection of
paintings to compliment your surroundings.

Other Services:
Cards, Art For Hire, Art For Music Product.

"...at Emfada Express we also provide bespoke card and stationary art"

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"this is the Emfada Express line... online bringing Art direct to you"


Greeting Cards, Menu Covers, Table Settings

(Unique Greeting Card Art at www.EmfadaExpress.com)

At Emfada Express we can provide bespoke Stationary Artifacts:

And if you have already bought art from us we can also incorporate your chosen art selection onto your stationary, for e.g. 'With Compliments' slips, Letterheads, Greeting Cards: (e.g. 'Welcome' Cards/ 'Thank You' Cards / Happy Anniversary' Cards etc'), Menu Covers,Table Place Settings and Favor labels.
(If YOU have an idea.... just ask us!).

(These will be individually Hand Painted and/or Custom Printed to meet you requirements.)



Other Services:

"...at Emfada Express we also provide art for hire"

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- Art For Hire -

Emfada Express can also on occasion offer an Art For Hire service to create an impressive setting for your boardroom, reception or that all important corporate event.

Art for hire is an alternative way to enjoy art in your space without the expense of buying. When the works are available we can lease out artwork exclusively to you for a negotiated fee. After the end of the first term you can then have the exclusive 1st option to either renew the lease of that particular artwork for a new agreed term... or... if you fall in love with the artwork... on occasion the licensee has the first choice to actually purchase the art.

Contact us for futher information on terms and conditions that apply.

Other Services:

"we also provide an art service for music & media..."


"this is the Emfada Express line... online bringing Art direct to you"

- Art for Music -

At Emfada Express images are created and applied to media and music product:

Images are created and applied to the the likes of CD Covers, Video Covers, various Inserts/RecordSleeves, Merchandise, Promotional Material such as Flyers/Posters
and Advertisements for press/magazines etc...

We prepare graphics for print...

We have a team of graphic designers ready to create a new logo, motifs or
help develop existing logos, brand identity, merchandise and assist with art direction.


(N.B. Please note that Emfada Express do not print the finished product
as we are not a printing company, we only create/design and prepare
it for the printing process.We may however recommend reliable printing

... the art of...EMFADA ...

"this is the Emfada Express line... online bringing Art direct to you"
N.B. Please note that Emfada Express is based in the UK.

We deliver ART & PRINTS direct to the United Kingdom,
Northern Ireland & the Republic of Ireland.

Please contact us before placing your ONLINE order
for deliveries to all other countries for estimate shipping charges.
Thank you.

'Emfada Express' Multimedia © 2012

"the Emfada Express line... delivering the art of Emfada direct to you..."









the additional Emfada Express Ltd company (established 2004 ). Local & international communities/Urban art
(Managing Director) Mairead McColgan.: "made possible by the Gallery community network of artists and their works of art. Many thank yous! xo"


- Emfada Express -

'Emfada' is a legally registered art and multimedia brand Patent Trade Mark: Unauthorised use is prohibited .

Protected by law: Copyright & Patents Act


"this is the Emfada Express line... online bringing Art direct to you"